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David Crowe

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This is the personal website for David Crowe.

I’m a telecommunications consultant, environmentalist, writer and critic of science and medicine.

My consulting company is Cellular Networking Perspectives Ltd. For this company I work as a number administrator for IFAST. Most CDMA phones outside the United States and Canada get a number (International Roaming MIN) assigned by me. Luckily we give them out a million at a time. I am also a consultant to a number of major wireless companies on issues of both standards and numbering problems.

I was one of the founders of the Alberta Greens (Green Party of Alberta), I edited their newsletter for over a decade, was the party’s president until October 2004, and the party’s Chief Financial Officer until December 2008. The party was destroyed by a hostile takeover initiated in late 2008, at which point I became CFO of the Vision 2012 society, dedicated to re-establishing the party. This was successful in late 2011 (a little ahead of schedule, judging by the name) and I was the first CFO of the EverGreen Party of Alberta later renamed the Green Party of Alberta. I resigned in May, 2014.

I also was founder of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society, am on the advisory council of AnotherLook and created the site. In 2008 I was appointed President of Rethinking AIDS, a position I still hold.

I have three children – Aran, Erica and Julia. We were owners of several cats, especially the paraplegic cat Petunia who died after about 5 years of disability, but lived a privileged life until then.


I do quite a bit of writing, on both telecommunications and science, health and environmental issues. I am also co-host and co-founder of the podcast, How Positive Are You?, and the host of The Infectious Myth on the Progressive Radio Network (

I like to think that I have a great sense of humour (some just say that my humor grates on their nerves). Someone always laughs at my jokes, even if it’s just me. See if you share it.


I’ve taken slides since 1975 (all digitized in the summer of 2009) with my Olympus OM-1 and OM-3 cameras and, more recently, with my point-and-shoot digital as well and my new Olympus EP-2 cross-over camera (part D-SLR, part point-and-shoot):

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