David Crowe’s Sense of Humo(u)r

One of David’s outlets is to enter the Globe and Mail’s weekly word challenge. He’s done it so many times that he even made it into the compilation “The Full Mountie” by Warren Clements who runs the challenge.

Recent Entries

Challenge #564 – New sources of fuel…

  • So-la power: Good, good, good vibrations get the generators going.
  • Nucular energy: Experts tell us that energy from mass destruction is achievable, but so far has eluded scientists searching for it.
  • Wind energy: Clockwork makes a comeback. It’s safe, it’s renewable, it’s . . . Damn! The mainspring broke again.
  • Con-fusion: Having violent offenders share a cell has never been so safe (or profitable) after we show you how to harness their negative energies!

Challenge #564 – Amendment to the title of a book, painting etc., to reflect the current fascination with gambling…

  • Fahrenheit 454 to 1
  • Gullible’s Travails
  • Eine Klein's Cash Musik [you can tell I'm from Alberta]

Challenge #557 – Stories that animals might write…

  • Puss in Chains (by the Mice)
  • Loving the Time of Cholera (by the germs)
  • Great Expectorations (by the camels)
  • Roots (by the nematodes)
  • The Flycatcher in the Rye (by the birds)

Challenge #556 – Disease or afflication named after a real or fictional person (or persons)…

  • Chetienism: Prolonged withdrawal symptoms.
  • Iraqophobia: Violent behaviour resulting from fear of imaginary objects.
  • Survivorism: Addiction to a false reality.

Challenge #555 – Freudian slip spelling mistakes…

Challenge #552 – You know the movie’s going to be really terrible when…

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