The Destruction of the Green Party in Alberta

David Crowe
May, 2009
Updated August, 2009

In 2004 I wrote:

This is a good year to be Green. It hasn’t always been that way.

Sadly, in 2009 being Green in Alberta feels worse than in the darkest days of the late 1990s. Back then I was scared the party would fade away due to lack of interest but now I am afraid that the party has been driven into the ground – although whether from maliciousness or incompetence I am not sure.

The story of the AGM in September 2008 that led to the resignation of the executive, including myself, has been told before. This page addresses what happened afterwards.

On April 1st 2009, the day after the new executive failed to file their annual financial report with Elections Alberta the new executive stated:

“On March 28, 2009 the Executive convened and passed a motion to expedite the reconciliation process of the membership records in a manner that is fair and just to the entire membership. The motion passed reduces the 2009 membership year by eight months, and extends the 2010 membership year by eight months. Hence, effective April 1, 2009 memberships for the year 2009 will expire on April 1, 2009...”

In other words, unless you have renewed your membership since April 1st, you are no longer a member of Alberta Greens.

Their excuse for this is that the old executive did not provide the necessary financial and membership records. Since, as the former CFO, I was responsible for both types of records, they are talking directly about me. These complaints were repeated many times:

None of the above statements are true. I gave the new executive full access to the complete financial records in the form of a large Zipped data file on my website and accessible through a URL and password that I provided to them. This Zip archive contained, among many other files, the MYOB accounting file that contained all the party’s financial data including a complete list of donors and members as well as all income and expense transactions. Here is a reminder email I sent to President Connie Jensen in January:

From: David Crowe []
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 1:47 PM
To: Connie Jensen
Subject: Location of financial documentation etc.


Let me remind you that the financial documents are either in the box that I sent to you or at

I had removed that file as I assumed you'd downloaded it. Note that this is a different location than in the document I sent to you because of technical problems with

Also, since Joe obviously didn't download the archive of the website while the Alberta Greens server was up, I have, as a courtesy, uploaded it to I understand that this is an archive of the entire website as of the date you took over.

- David

It is important to note that:

The truth about why the accountant did not have the full financial and membershp information has now been revealed by Luke Kurata – in the April 13th letter accompanying the delayed tax receipts he revealed the name of the accountant. Once I had the accountant’s name I immediately phoned him to get more information. You can listen to the audio or read the transcript of our conversation to verify the following information:

The only remaining question is whether their failure to forward all necessary files to the accountant is due to maliciousness or incompetence. Did they not know how to manage the party or were they always intent on destroying it?

© – Copyright May, 2009: David Crowe.